Results Learning is based in Denver, Colorado, and has long-standing partnerships with many local school districts, including Aurora Public Schools and Denver Public Schools. Our ESSER and EANS-funded tutoring programs are tailored specifically for each school we partner with.

Our commitment is to embrace your community, meet your students where they are, and partner with you to accelerate your student’s learning and results.

  • We have the highest teacher pay rates in your district for after school tutoring
  • We partner with your school’s teachers whenever possible.
  • Rotating schedules for your teachers to help balance their workload
  • Three different curriculums to choose from including an extension of what is used in your building to meet students where they are.
  • Student incentives for attendance, participation, and integration of your current student programs.
  • Coordinated marketing and support for parents’ understanding of the program.
  • Programming options include after school, Saturday, and during the school day.
  • Integration with your school culture.
  • Seamless communication with your before and aftercare providers.
  • Progress monitoring to support tutoring and classroom instruction.

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We welcome the opportunity to meet with your school and explore options that best meet the needs of your students and community. Please call Cyle Feingold at 303-378-8811 or email us at

Parents are also integrated into the tutoring/coaching program from start to finish.

A parent meeting is offered on the first day, giving our tutors enhanced insight into your children’s personalities and learning styles. At the end of the program, we offer recommendations on how to encourage and reinforce skills at home. 99% of parents felt his/her child’s reading ability and confidence improved over the course of our program!


“I am overly impressed by the programming and your phenomenal staff. My son grew tremendously and took away some valuable skills and new understandings about himself. You run a great program and I will definitely be recommending it as a partnered educator and parent.”

E. Fields – Educator and Parent

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“The transformation has been amazing to watch. I am thankful for all the tools my daughter learned and the support given. I would gladly recommend this to other parents, students and educators.”

A. Jones, C.E.O. Summer Camp Parent

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