Executive functioning is like the CEO of the brain

It’s in charge of making sure things get done––from the planning stages of the job to the final deadline. When kids have issues with executive functioning, any task that requires planning, organization, memory, time management, and flexible thinking becomes a challenge.

The more you know about the challenges, the better you’ll be able to help your child build his/her executive skills and manage the difficulties. If your child has executive functioning issues, any task (from doing a load of laundry to completing a school project) requiring the following skills could be a challenge.

Understood-for learning and attention issues

Issues with executive functioning make it hard to:

  • Keep track of time
  • Make plans
  • Make sure work is finished on time
  • Multi-task
  • Apply previously learned information to solve problems
  • Analyze ideas
  • Look for help or more information when it is needed

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