Watching your child struggle to read is heart-wrenching! Whether your child has Dyslexia or is struggling to learn to read, they can develop the confidence and learn the skills to be a successful reader with the right approach and a tutor who builds a nurturing relationship with your child.

Our reading specialists are trained in several reading programs that are research-based on the Orton-Gillingham approach. This method allows us to teach your child the building blocks of reading using a multisensory and structured, yet flexible approach.

We are firm believers that finding a tutor who understands your child’s personality, celebrates their strengths, and builds a trusting relationship with your child is the foundation of success.

Results Learning conducts an initial consultation with you and your child to better understand your child’s personality, areas for growth, and strengths before we place them with a reading specialist.


We offer in-person tutoring at our location in Lowry in Denver, the Lonetree, and Highlands Ranch Library’s and online. Find out more about our reading tutoring programs today.

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“Dyslexia is no longer a bully locking up my mind!”

Shaylie – Former Student

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Our Tutors Will Help Your Child Succeed

“The transformation has been amazing to watch. I am thankful for all the tools my daughter learned and the support given. I would gladly recommend this to other parents, students and educators.”

A. Jones, C.E.O. Summer Camp Parent

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