Hybrid and Virtual Learning Support Programs

Your child has been thrown into a school setting that they are not prepared for! They are being asked to perform a job they have no training in during COVID.

When your child attends in-person schooling, your child is naturally provided with a framework and routines to manage their day. While learning remotely, many of these structures and expectations are left for you and your child to manage.

It is difficult to watch your child struggle during this time of remote schooling and puts extraordinary pressure on you, your child, and your family.

“Our Results Learning Coach checks my son’s school websites and grades and communicates with his teachers. I’m encouraged and feel relieved and my son’s effort and grades are steadily improving.” – Erik H.

Let us provide your child with on the job training and support during the school day. Start the transformation from disorganization and chaos to structure and independence.

2 Tutoring Programs to Support Virtual & Hybrid Learners

Asynchornous Learning & Homework Support

Remote learning can be better for your child and less stressful for you.

Results Learning’s Schoolwork Planning and Accountability Program supports students with planning, prioritization, and accountability for their assignments during remote and independent online working days.

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Planning & Remote Schoolwork Accountability Program

Results Learning’s Planning and Remote Schoolwork Accountability Program supports students with planning, prioritization, and accountability for their assignments during remote and independent online working days. Your child meets with their Academic Coach via Zoom at the beginning, middle, and end of the day to check-in and stay on task.

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These Programs Provide...

Structured schedules

Prioritization & planning

Regular check-ins

Peace of mind for parents


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“We have worked with Results Learning for several years because the coaches are great and the programs have really helped my ADHD son succeed!"

Percilla R., Parent

Asynchronous Learning & Homework Support

“My son was struggling due to his ADHD, and Results Learning had the tactical tools and resources he needed to improve his time management and get better grades!” – Joe B.

This Coaching program is designed for students who thrive with structure and can typically start and complete assignments once they have a plan of action.

A coach will meet with your child at the beginning of their independent school work/homework time to plan and prioritize assignments and tasks

Students work independently on assignments and tasks, checking completed assignments off the list.

Your child’s coach checks in with them at the middle or end of their independent work time to ensure:

  • What assignments have been completed
  • What is left to complete
  • What additional support may be needed

Additional support can include: emails to/from teachers, weekly phone calls to parents, planning and portal checks, and attendance at school meetings.

Remote learning can be better for your child and less stressful for you.

Planning & Remote Schoolwork Accountability Program Details

Remove the stress of holding your child accountable for their schoolwork and let us handle it!

“My son’s remote learning model has been a massive challenge for us. It is never easy to have ADHD, especially now. Our Results Learning Coach takes the pressure off me and my husband and the accountability calls mid-morning and in the early afternoon with my son is really helping.” – Wyatt H.

Beginning of the day planning ~ Together with your Child’s Results Learning Academic Coach they identify what is due for school that day and what is coming up. They will plan what needs to be done, estimate how long each assignment will take, and identify how they will get started on each item.

Middle of the day check-in ~ Your child’s Academic Coach checks in to identify progress, modify the plan if needed, answer questions, and provide support and encouragement.

End of the day check-out ~ During this meeting, we identify what was completed and turned in, celebrate accomplishments, and plan for any additional work that needs to be finished.

Your child’s academic coach actively monitors your their school websites and school portal for grades, upcoming and missing assignments. In addition, emails from teachers that can flood your child’s inbox are reviewed by the academic coach to make sure nothing is missed.

A supportive and trusting relationship between your child and their coach is key in helping your child build lasting planning and prioritization skills to support executive.

Children Receive:

  • 20 to 30-minute planning sessions each morning
  • Two accountability check-ins each day
  • Help with tracking assignments and emails from teachers
  • A trusting & supportive relationship

Parents Receive:

  • Relief knowing that a Results Learning Academic Coach works with your child to plan and prioritize assignments each remote / online learning day
  • Clarity as our coach checks grades & assignments daily
  • Weekly written reports
  • Reduced stress & assurance someone is following up with your child on schoolwork
  • A weekly Zoom call with your child’s Results Learning coach to review your child’s progress

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