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Our Specialities

We provide a customized, strength-based approach that allows us to work with your child’s unique learning styles to optimize their success. The following learning disabilities and differences are all results of how the brain’s wired; however, these things do not label your child. Our academic coaches are experts in working with out-of-the-box learners and teach your child how to play to his/her unique strengths.

ADD/ADHD Tutoring

The difficulties that accompany a child with ADD/ADHD can have debilitating effects on classroom aptitude. We can teach your child interesting and engaging techniques to hone their ability to focus…

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A child learning to overcome dyslexia can be a disheartening task if they don’t know what they’re up against. It is important for them to understand dyslexia does not define their level of intelligence…

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A young student’s brain is rapidly developing at all times! It’s important for them to understand exactly how powerful their brains are and what they’re capable of despite any learning deficit…

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Every child deserves the fundamentals necessary to reach their maximum potential. We specialize in equipping diverse learners with the tools and strategies required to take direct control of their future…

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“I had the opportunity of teaching the Results Learning program and having students participate in the program. It doesn’t matter where students start; they will make drastic progress in their reading abilities and their levels of confidence. I plan on doing my best to increase my classes’ participation in the Results Learning program.”

- Ian Spain, Garden Place Academy