Improve your child’s organization, planning and time management skills with C.E.O. Executive Functioning Summer Camp

C.E.O. Executive Functioning Summer Camp

Does your child have amazing strengths but finds it difficult to plan and initiate schoolwork?

Do they find it difficult to organize their digital and physical materials?

This two-week camp helps campers develop a better understanding of planning, organizational, time management, and self-advocacy skills. Campers engage in activities where their strengths are celebrated and used to set measurable/attainable goals to start the school year off with more success. Goals and strategies are centered around core executive functioning skills and campers leave with specific tools to utilize immediately. Campers stay safe in our outdoor classrooms, large indoor spaces, small group sizes, 6-foot distancing, and masks.

Who is this camp for? Incoming 6th through 10th graders with ADHD, executive functioning deficits, and out-of-the-box learning styles.

Campers have fun while applying these executive functioning skills to a mock Olympics, a cook-off, and other engaging activities. At Executive Functioning C.E.O. Summer Camp we:


  • Explore systems to organize digital and physical materials more efficiently
  • Exposure to planning systems that really work
  • Discover time management tips and tricks
  • Understand how to become an effective self-advocate


Campers learn to embrace and celebrate their strengths while discovering new tools to help them become more independent.


  • Build a customized tool kit to support executive functioning skills during the school year.
  • Set measurable goals to start the school year off with more success
  • Apply planning, organization, and time management skills directly to action-packed activities
  • A parent university is included to help families support their child
  • Campers build a self-advocacy presentation to articulate who they are and what supports they need from parents and teachers

“The kids’ presentations were seriously impressive and heartwarming. Clearly your program creates meaningful results. Thank you for providing such an amazing CEO camp experience. Cheers”

P. Knobel, C.E.O. Summer Camp Parent

“The transformation has been amazing to watch. I am thankful for all the tools my daughter learned and the support given. I would gladly recommend this to other parents, students and educators.”

A. Jones, C.E.O. Summer Camp Parent

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