Established in 1986, Knippenberg Patterson & Associates specializes in providing a comfortable yet professional learning environment for kids in the preschool through young adult age range. Results Learning was invited to join their “Bridging the Gaps” campaign due to our expertise in teaching executive functioning strategies that increase organizational, time management, planning, and self-advocacy skills.

Located at 2650 S. Eudora St., the program occurs two days a week at 5:45 pm over the course of 25 sessions. Dinner served upon request. For more information on Knippenberg Patterson & Associates, visit


Ricks Center’s mission is “to empower children to become lifelong learners.” Their success in accomplishing this goal is due to their dynamic learning environment that introduces a wide variety of experiences to your child that teaches them the skills to decode and interpret information. Results Learning’s C.E.O. After School program fits perfectly with this mission by teaching the executive functioning skills necessary to provide the groundwork for academic success.

Ricks Center can be found at 2040 S. York St. with sessions lasting from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. The first sessions start on 9/13 and last through 10/6 with the second sessions starting on 10/11 and lasting until 11/10. For more information on Ricks Center, visit

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