Academic coaching, tutoring, and professional development with expertise in ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, executive functioning and diverse learners

As a child, our founder struggled with undiagnosed ADHD & dyslexia.

Results Learning came to fruition after his parents set out to find the educational resources to help him reach his potential. With that support, he flourished and followed his entrepreneurial dreams. Results Learning’s mission is to help others who have both the gifts and challenges associated with ADHD, dyslexia, executive functioning and diverse learning styles build the self-esteem and skill sets to thrive.


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Serving Colorado for over 12 years

Proven success with diverse learners

We partner with families and schools

A unique focus on executive functioning

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"We are now a school that is meeting the state required expectations in reading thanks to Results Learning (RL) and the support they have given to our students. RL has set the decoding knowledge base for our primary students that has helped – and will continue to help – us increase our number of proficient students."

Myrella Goff, Principal of Barnum Elementary

"My son was struggling due to his ADHD, and Results Learning had the tactical tools and resources he needed to improve his time management and get better grades!"

Joe B., Parent