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Learning is a journey of discovery that is as unique as each person who goes down its path. Though subject knowledge is important, it is also essential for teachers to have a thorough understanding of learning styles, and to be able to empathize with their students’ struggles and join in their successes. At Results Learning, we provide a combination of professional expertise and personalized attention, with an emphasis on programs that are customized to each student’s learning style.

Our programs are effective, affordable, and convenient, available in your home or at a community library.
Our programs help your child/student:

bulletIncrease confidence and self-esteem

bulletImprove grades

bulletIdentify his or her learning styles and needs

bulletExperience the joy of learning

bulletRecognize and build on his or her unique

bulletRecognize and use learning tools that work for
bullethim or her (both in the classroom and out)
7350 E. Progress Place
Suite 102
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
The keys to our success are:

bulletIdentifying how your child learns most effectively

bulletTeaching your child using his or her learning style

bulletBuilding supportive tutor/student relationships

bulletInvolving you at every step of the process and
bulletkeeping you informed of your child’s progress

bulletHelping you and your child understand how he or
bulletshe learns best, and how to advocate for his or
bullether needs in other learning environments

We offer two kinds of tutoring:

Subject-based tutoring
using the curriculum
your child is currently studying (including help
with homework assignments)

Results-based supplemental curriculums
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